The 4th International Exhibition &
Conference for Wire & Cable Industry

Cable & Wire Fair 2022

18th to 20th May, 2022
Hall 2 & 3, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Leading Voices of 2019

Their insight leads the industry, Their support stimulates CWF…
“As more and more technology will come, we will need more and more cables and wires. So, the wire and cable industry will keep on growing. It surely has a bright future.”
Shri Suresh Prabhu - Chief Guest, Prime Minister’s Sherpa to G7 and G20
“Innovation plays an important role in the wire and cable industry. Unfortunately, innovation in the industry has kind of stagnated or stopped. Competition and extreme price pressure are the main reasons behind the stoppage of innovation.”
Vijay Karia, Chairman and MD, Ravin Group of Companies
“We have been telling the government that the RCEP agreement, if we at all get into it, should be on our terms. There were a lot of industries, the wire and cable industry as well, who gave a lot of input which we conveyed to the government and as of now the government has not been part of the 16-member RCEP negotiation but that does not mean that it is completely out.”
Suranjan Gupta, Executive Director, EEPC India
“There is an ever increasing barrier in GCC. When I came to the region 12 years ago, the GCC was on the way to becoming a common market where trade was encouraged within the region. There were no barriers. UAE products were welcomed in Saudi Arabia as equal to Saudi Arabian products. That is no longer the case.”
Andrew Shaw, CEO, Dubai Cable Company (DUCAB)
“Wire and cable are the fundamental, integrated elements for all fields – even for the railways, metros, housing, infra, power, etc. They are the requirement of the day.”
Dilip Dev, Chairman and Managing Director, HD Wires Pvt. Ltd.
Priyank Jain
“I cannot thank everyone enough for their involvement and their willingness to take on the completion of tasks beyond their comfort zones and making this fair a successful event.”
Priyank Jain, CEO, Tulip 3P Media Pvt. Ltd.

Cable Conclave: Session 1

“India, which has an installed onshore wind capacity of about 35GW, has been working on executing the idea of building offshore wind farms to expand its wind energy portfolio.”
Benoit Lecuyer, CEO, Prysmian India
“It is not just the railway sector that needs investment. The telecom industry requires investments worth USD 100 billion in the next 4 to 5 years to make 4G available to 99 percent of the Indian population.”
Sandeep Aggarwal, MD, Paramount Communications Ltd.
“Industries like aerospace, civil aviation, e-commerce, power transmission, infrastructure, railways, oil and gas, telecom, and metros are some of the key growth drivers for the cable industry.”
R. Sridharan, CEO, Birla Cable Ltd.

Cable Conclave: Session 2

“Companies must focus on creating the right systems, adopting global standards and practices, ensuring clear competitive advantages and scaling up all the facets of the company.”
Balachandran Dharman, Director, RR Global Ltd.
“India is the second fastest growing individual market for copper with a growth rate of 5.3 percent in the last decade (behind China with 7.8 percent). India’s copper share in cables is 8.4 percent as against 50.6 percent of the global average.”
Avinash Khemka, Chief Manager, International Copper Association India
“There has been a significant reduction in investment by the major telecom operators in India. The falling Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), increasing debt, delay in 5G technology and significantly high spectrum cost are major obstacles to investment made by telecom operators.”
Pramod Srivastava, ED, Optical Fiber & Cable Business, Aksh Optifibre Ltd.

Technical Session 1

“The submarine cable should be manufactured under strict quality standards. The quality of submarine cable is the ultimate requirement because if there is any fault in the subsea cable, the replacement cost is huge.”
Tapas Dey, Technical Service Manager, Borouge
“The fire performance of cables is classified based on a number of criteria that includes flame spread, heat release rate, total heat release, smoke production rate, total smoke production, fire growth rate index, flaming droplets or particles and acidity of gases evolved.”
Sushil Kumar Rajan, Technology Director, Fluor & Compounds, Alphagary
“There are two solutions to keep wires and cables safe – one is using the toxic chemicals to eliminate the rodents and the other is use of non-toxic solutions. Keeping the latter in mind, Lifeline Technologies has developed ecologically safe and non-toxic products to protect wires and cables from rodents.”
Karan Shah, Director-Marketing & Business Development, Lifeline Technologies
“The masterbatch offered by Delta-Tecnic is known for excellent dispersion of pigments and can be produced using the same masterbatch base polymer as used in the cable.”
Manuel Miret, Area Manager and New Product Developer, Delta-Tecnic

Wire Conclave 1

“The wire and cable industry must collaboratively work to root out the inefficiencies that had been hindering the growth of the industry.”
Nirmal Singh, Director, Assomac Machines Ltd.
“The steel wire market has become more or less customer-centric, where customers are making purchases on their terms. The question is for how long will the steel wire industry expediently accept businesses that are lower than what is desirable?”
Dilip Dev, CMD, H.D. Wires Pvt. Ltd., and Chairman, SWMAI
“India has been a self-consuming economy, and the target of 300 million tonnes per annum by 2030-31 is quite achievable. However, liquidity poses a big challenge to the steel wire industry. The banking sector has put everything on the back foot.”
Dheeraj Dev, Director, H.D. Wires Pvt. Ltd.
“Is the system efficient enough to allow the industry to adapt to automation and artificial intelligence, or is the gap too big to cover? Will the products that the wire industry has been manufacturing be in demand in future? These are the questions that industry players need to ask.”
Siddharth Agrawal, Director, Systematic Industries Ltd., and Member, Executive Committee, SWMAI
“Industries in India must use the cross-pollination technique so that more and more new entrepreneurs can join the industry with their innovative ideas and competitive approaches.”
A Din Pangotra, CEO of the upcoming National Portal IHUNTBEST and Chief Mentor of NEDC

Wire Conclave 2

Wire Conclave 2 a
“The wire industry is currently passing through a lean phase because of weak demand. This weak demand can be attributed to the slowdown in the automobile industry and the absence of expansion in the country.”
Vijay K. Vedmutha, MD, Bedmutha Industries Ltd.
Wire Conclave 2 b
“The end-of-life-vehicle policy developed by the government is a move in the direction. Vehicles that are 15 or more than 15 years old will be scrapped immediately. This will improve the availability of scrap to the steel industry. India is still a net importer of scrap.”
Vinit Lohiya, Director, Samrat Wires Pvt. Ltd.
Wire Conclave 2 c
“For us quality matters. We as an industry make products like bead wires, spring steel wire and cable armor etc. These are precise products, which require lot of expertise and overall efficiency.”
Dheeraj Dev, Director, H.D. Wires Pvt. Ltd.

Technical Session 2

“We usually split our cassettes in two groups: cassettes for reinforcement wire and cassettes for industrial wire. Mostly we work with low carbon wire and the cassettes used for this application are our CB & CA models.”
Fulvio Pegoraro, R&D Director, Eurolls SRL, Italy
“The drawing die is not just a piece of metal with a hole inside: it’s one of the main actors of the drawing process.”
Luca Mazzucchi, R&D - Materials Approval - Technology - Industrialization - Project Manager for Ceramics, Wires, and Steel Cords
“The cables that are used on ground cannot be used in space because there are many factors that operate only in space.”
Anil C. Mathur, Group Director (Retd.), Space Applications Centre, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)