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The renewable sector's growth is spawning newer opportunities for the wire and cable industry. Wind and solar projects are installed in such remote locations where power evacuation by way of existing power transmission lines is not possible, and hence requirement for dedicated lines for such projects is immense.
The mood of the Govt. of various countries is toward L1. In my opinion, L1 is the biggest disaster. And, we as a manufacturer should not fight for L1. We should fight for Q1. How long can we fight for L1? Is it possible that good and cheap can work together? I doubt! If it is a really good quality wire, it cannot be the cheapest. We need to have some premium over there.

— Anil Gupta, CMD, KEI Industries Ltd.
— Shreegopal Kabra, MD, RR Global
India is a big part of the world's market growth. The Indian industry is quite successful. Therefore, the GCC looks towards India – 1.8 billion people and cables growing at 15 percent compound growth rate. There is huge potential! I think there are some learning points GCC and Indian can get from each other. One of them is the danger of overcapacity.
From the last three years, we are mentoring people to make a stronger management team so we do not only look towards 'Made in India' but also 'Make quality in India'. India as a country has to show its strength as a quality cable maker and quality testing performance so that the world sees India as a quality testing and a quality performance country. 
— Andrew Shaw, MD, Ducab
— Mr. Tony Martens, VP, Technology and Development, Polycab Wires Pvt Ltd.
The Indian steel wire industry today is at par with the world industry as far as speeds and processes are concerned. We used to have problems with availability of quality wire rods, but that is now available in the country. The only requirement for now is that demand should pick up as fast as it can and the end user needs to be made aware of the quality parameters.
Cable industry is a very difficult and technical industry and financial competencies have different mindsets of people in different organizations. There is an excess manufacturing capacity; productivity is increasing; equipments are becoming more specialized. Alongside, this is also true that there is a low entry barrier to capacity expansion; so anyone can expand capacity.
— Vijay Vedmutha, MD, Bedmutha Industries
— Mr. VK Bajaj, COO, Uniflex Cables Ltd.
Other than China, India is the largest and the biggest integrated market for copper. Globally, China is 10 million tonne and we are just 1 million tonne. China is growing at around 6.5-7 percent and India at around 5-5.5 percent. But the good thing is, from the wire, cable and electrical perspective only, the usage of copper, in the near future, is going to double to become 1 million tonne from present 0.5 million tonne.
India is aspiring for new long-term growth and sustainable development. The Indian growth story is all aligned with the sustainable development whether it is the smart city project or the industrial corridor, or the new highway projects. It is the moral responsibility for every organization to align its operations in such a manner which is consistent with sustainability goals.
— Mr. Sanjeev Ranjan,
MD, International Copper Association India
— Mr. Abhishek Gupta, 
Director, Gupta Power Infrastructure Ltd.
Yes, there is a huge growth potential but we have to look and find ways and means to invest. The Govt. is spending a lot of money; INR 70,000 Cr in the telecom infrastructure out of which INR 3000-6000 Cr will go into optical fiber purchases. And maybe, a few thousand crores will be spent in other cables including solar cables as they will be required in the infrastructure; cables for the towers and various other kinds of cables will be required. Obviously, ducts will be required too to lay the optical fiber cables. For our industry there is a lot of possibility because of the huge demand push by the Govt. I will say, yes, there will be growth in the cable industry.
— Mr. Sandeep Aggarwal, MD, Paramount Communications Ltd.